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The Guide to Commonly used Acronyms and Terms for ACONs and Toxic Relationships

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

The purpose of this blog is not to diagnose or claim that a person has a disorder.

The information provided in this blog is for educational and awareness purposes only.

Immediate Family

NM - Narcissistic Mother/Mom

EM - Enabler Mother/Mom

NF - Narcissistic Father

ND - Narcissistic Dad

EF - Enabler Father

NP - Narcissistic Parents

NS - Narcissistic Sibling/Sister

ES - Enabler Sister

NB - Narcissistic Brother

EB - Enabler Brother

SG - Scapegoat

GC - Golden Child

FOO - Family of Origin

FOC - Family of Choice

ACON - Adult Child of Narcissist(s)

DONM - Daughter of Narcissistic Mother

DONF - Daughter of Narcissistic Father

SONM - Son of Narcissistic Mother

SONF - Son of Narcissistic Mother

ACA/ACOA - Adult Child of Alcoholic(s)

Extended Family

STBX - Soon to be Ex

NEX - Narcissistic Ex

NBF - Narcissistic Boyfriend

NGF - Narcissistic Girlfriend

NH - Narcissistic Husband

HW - Narcissistic Wife

NMIL - Narcissistic Mother in Law

MIL - Mother in Law

NFIL - Narcissistic Father in Law

FIL - Father in Law

NBIL - Narcissistic Brother in Law

BIL - Brother in Law

EBIL - Enabler Brother in Law

NSIL - Narcissistic Sister in Law

SIL - Sister in Law

ESIL - Enabler Sister in Law

NGM - Narcissistic Grandmother

EGM - Enabler Grandmother

NGF - Narcissistic Grandfather

EGF - Enabler Grandfather

NA - Narcissistic Aunt

EA - Enabler Aunt

NU - Narcissistic Uncle

EU - Enabler Uncle

Types of Narcissists

CN - Covert Narcissist

VN - Vulnerable Narcissist

ON - Overt Narcissist

GN - Grandiose Narcissist

MN - Malignant Narcissist

LGN - Low grade Narcissist

MGN - Medium grade Narcissist

HGN - High grade Narcissist

DT - Dark Triad (A personality style that portrays narcissistic, psychopathic, and Machiavellian traits.)

Common Disorders Discussed

NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder

ASPD - Antisocial Personality Disorder

BPD - Borderline Personality Disorder

HPD - Histrionic Personality Disorder

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

CPTSD - Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSI - Post Traumatic Stress Injury

NVS - Narcissistic Victim Syndrome

SLDD - Self Love Deficit Disorder

DID - Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder)

ADHD - Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

MDD - Major Depressive Disorder

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Other Acronyms

LC - Low Contact

NC - No Contact

LB - Love Bomb/Bombing

FM - Flying Monkey (an enabler)

DSD - Dad Surviving Divorce

MSD - Mom Surviving Divorce

DARVO - Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim, and Offender

DNP - Destructive Narcissistic Patterns

FOG - Fear, Obligation, Guilt

JADE - Justify, Argue, Defend, Explain

GR - Gray Rock

RA - Reactive Abuse

CSA - Childhood Sexual Abuse

SA - Sexual Abuse

DV - Domestic Violence

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous

NA - Narcotics Anonymous

Slang Terms

Narcopath - Narcissistic Psycho/sociopath

Narc(s) - Narcissist(s)

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