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About Me


I am more than a coach. I am a mentor, a guide, a healer, an INFJ, a survivor and thriver, and I am a cycle breaker!

I am Sarah Marie Vu. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, physical, mental, psychological, and financial abuse from two dark triads (narcissistic, psychopathic, and Machiavellian) parents and younger sister - who is the golden child - and several other family members. 

There wasn't a time in my life when I wasn't the scapegoat of my family. My cousin, who is 6 years older than me, was already the golden child for my grandmother when I was born. It was always him, until my sister was born 13 years later and she became the immediate family golden child. 

​At the age of 7, I was forced to raise my sister. I named her, changed her, fed her, and was the first person she took her first steps to. Once she was old enough to be potty trained, my mother began to change her and morph her into her miniature. My sister was the golden child, and became physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive. 

​My father was the more physically abusive one between my parents.  At 13 years old, he put a loaded gun to my head when we were on a camping trip. He also murdered three of my pets - one rabbit and two cats. He was sexually abusing me from around the age of 4 until I was 12 years old and I started my period. His grooming methods always had food treats or toys involved. It was always a guilted feeling that I could never win his love regardless of what I did. My sister was his favorite. He could tell her he loved her, but stopped telling me he loved me right after she was born. He nicknamed me “boy,” and it made me feel like I couldn't even be who I was at the time. 

My mother was the mastermind behind the control and manipulation. She contributed to the sexual abuse with her own actions until I was 23, was physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially abusive. She was the one who kept it extremely hard for me to escape and live my life. Not only did she force me to watch child birth at 4 years old, I was always her competition, punching bag, and her emotional support. She claimed that I was her best friend. She would use mind games and sleep deprivation to have better control over me. 

In high school, I gained 100lbs in four years. My mother had me medicated on antidepressants. We went to a walk in medical center and I was given the prescription the same day. I begged her not to force me to do this, but I now know that she wanted attention for having a child with a mental illness.  On the pills, I rapidly started gaining weight and lost interest in everything I loved to do. I was not a small child before. I was overweight, but my weight never came on that fast. I was not obese before the antidepressants.  I felt like a zombie and whenever I voiced how I felt, my dosage of antidepressants was increased.

At eighteen years old, I began my transformative journey with becoming physically healthy. I lost 136lbs in one year by transforming my lifestyle and reprogramming my relationship with food. 

At 23 and fully aware of the abuse, I was able to get out and move to a new state. Soon after, the cut off was imminent. All of my family members were enabling abuse, I went no contact, healed myself, and I have changed my own life for the better. I am here to help others evolve from victims into survivors who thrive!


My mission is to help survivors of abuse understand and recover from Complex PTSD and trauma, while they build up healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors, so they can move forward and live the life they always should have had.

Wild Flowers

What are My Qualifications?

I am a certified Trauma & Recovery Practitioner, certified Life Coach, certified Solution-Focused Coach, certified  Transformational Coach, certified Positive Psychology Coach, and certified Codependency Recovery Coach.

I have a bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Science, and I have two minors in education and English. My degree allowed me to study marriage and family dynamics, the psychology around child development, health and wellness, diversity and culture, learning styles, and other essential skills that are important for living life successfully. 


I do not provide medication or clinical mental health diagnosis. 

All sessions are not eligible to be covered by any insurance.

All coaching is different for each individual. There is no select time frame that can be guaranteed for recovery. All coaching is based off of what the client's goals are and how honest the client is with the coach. Coaching takes time because coaching not only can reprogram the client's mindset, but also their lifestyle and behavior.

I provide coaching to help you heal yourself and move forward by setting goals, learning emotional regulation, healing your inner child, breaking toxic habits, setting boundaries, learning self care, positive coping strategies, discovering your true self, and learning what you really want out of your life! 

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